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Removals are tricky enough as it is when they are local and regional. So when you are standing trying to arrange an international removal, you can...

Many people wish to choose and pick a full removal service which includes packing, transporting and unpacking. However, if you think that packing...

If you need help with moving, don’t struggle single-handedly. Just hire Removals to Europe and you will see the stress and pressure of moving fade...

Office removals are not as easy as they seem – they involve a lot of hard work, great time management skills and elbow grease! Some people end up...


From the very beginning, the customer service was top-notch. Everything was very easy and communication excelled. I would definitely recommend and use again if necessary.

  • Broderick M.
  • 09Jul 2024

For unparalleled moving and storage support, look no further than International Removals. They have consistently gone above and beyond for us and we couldn't be happier with their service.

  • Dejah Roberson
  • 22May 2024

They took great care in wrapping and protecting all furniture during loading.

  • B. William
  • 17Apr 2024

Trust me, you won't regret hiring these movers for your move, I highly recommend their services.

  • Alia Flanders
  • 21Mar 2024

Our experience with RemovalstoEurope surpassed our expectations. The movers were exceptional in assisting us with our move to a different city for our new office space.

  • Braeden Maples
  • 11Mar 2024

The movers' service on moving day was impeccable, earning them an A+. They were timely and handled everything with professionalism.

  • D. Burden
  • 28Feb 2024

They exhibited exemplary levels of respect and care, taking the time to understand everything comprehensively. My worries were put to rest flawlessly as per your promise! Amazing customer service!

  • Tyreek M.
  • 18Feb 2024

Thanks to the customer care team, any worries or concerns I had were addressed promptly and effectively.

  • A. Engel
  • 08Feb 2024

I highly recommend International Removals to anyone in need of moving services - their prices are fair and their customer service is exceptional.

  • Makenna Lyman
  • 29Jan 2024

The head office and workers did an exceptional job keeping us informed during our move. They were efficient in executing everything, and we thank them for going above and beyond by providing us with some packing materials.

  • River Andrews
  • 19Jan 2024

A no-frills yet effective service.

  • S. Cary
  • 11Dec 2023

This is now the third time using International Movers and I'm still delighted with them. Dependable, friendly and fast - top marks all around!

  • Easton H.
  • 01Aug 2023

The quotes I was getting for removal van hire were varying massively. Thankfully, I continued reaching out to companies. I accepted the quote RemovalstoEurope gave me and received the service I needed on a moving day.

  • Jaden Parent
  • 24Apr 2023

When looking for a trustworthy removals firm, I came across International Removals and was not disappointed. Their services are reasonably priced and they prioritize customer satisfaction!

  • N. Janssen
  • 22Feb 2023

Kudos to the hard-working man and van team that shifted all of our possessions to our new place. I couldn't have been happier with what took place on the day.

  • Cherokee Godfrey
  • 08Sep 2021

It was a big office relocation project. It was a massive undertaking, moving all of our staff and possessions. We certainly picked the right company for the job. They maintained their professionalism throughout. Everything was done quickly and efficiently.

  • W. Carmichael
  • 18Jul 2021

The office removals team followed instructions and took care of everything that was needed. They didn't need to be told things twice and didn't need supervision. Thanks to them, we were able to keep any business downtime to an absolute minimum.

  • Anais Crawley
  • 09May 2021

Having their movers around on moving day was a real help, in more ways than one. The main guy was like a breath of fresh air. It was clear he'd managed such tasks before.

  • Belinda Landry
  • 02Mar 2021

The man with a van that helped me was a hard grafter. His cheery demeanour made a difference on the day too. We were all quite stressed and were grateful for his attitude.

  • A. Luciano
  • 04Aug 2020

I don't usually do this, but I have to recommend this moving company! International Movers made the move a breeze. They called before they arrived, and helped my brother and I move the heavy furniture, too. They put everything just where I wanted it in the new home and even gave us some recommendations for local amenities. Superb service!

  • Thaddeus S.
  • 21Aug 2019

Removals to Europe are some of the best movers in the UK. They are helpful, efficient, and do their jobs quite well. I would hire them again.

  • Karley H.
  • 05Aug 2019

Fantastic movers. I wouldn't use any other company.

  • Marlena Dickinson
  • 10Jun 2019

One of the only removal companies that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. For any and all removals, give Removals to Europe a call. Save yourself a few quid.

  • Katerina R.
  • 13May 2019

I can't stop telling my friends and family about Removals to Europe. They were so good during our recent house move and went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. Cannot thank the team enough.

  • Darren Hannon
  • 03Apr 2019

I used Removals to Europe for removal van hire. Their vehicles were clean and tidy, were the right size, and got the job done. Couldn't have asked for anything more!

  • Jonatan A.
  • 05Mar 2019

Removals to Europe and their movers were efficient, polite and professional. It made for a fantastic move.

  • Rhea McKay
  • 31Jan 2019

Removal van hire was straightforward and was done in moments. Thanks to Moving to Europe for making the process easy and manageable.

  • Felicity B.
  • 14Dec 2018

Thanks again to International Movers for the great removals service. I'll probably be using them again soon because I have something in the pipeline.

  • Haden Arsenault
  • 09Oct 2018

I hired International Movers for my recent move. They were a great, professional removals crew. They knew what they were doing and I was happy to leave them to it.

  • Luca L.
  • 10Sep 2018

Instead of going on a holiday I had to move house in London. It was a tough period but thanks to International Removals the moving process went smoothly and stress-free. Highly recommended!

  • Ashlynn Sheehan
  • 30Jul 2018

The moving service was top-notch. I can't get over how much help International Removals were. I got what I paid for and more with this company.

  • R. Strauss
  • 04Jun 2018

I had moving day sorted but I still needed a load of supplies. Moving to Europe had everything on my list, including sturdy removal boxes.

  • Bradley Jernigan
  • 15May 2018

I can't remember who recommended International Movers to me, but I am so glad they did. The speed at which they work is quite unbelievable, and yet they were really efficient and professional. It was also really impressive watching them manoeuver some of my absolutely massive furniture out of doorways - I don't know how they did some of it, but they definitely deserved the tip they got. Totally fantastic removal company in my opinion.

  • Braxton G.
  • 25Apr 2018

Taking on a domestic removals job is always a pain. Handling it professionally can be tricky without some extra help. I got International Removals on board and was mightily glad I did. Everything was handled professionally and there were no dramas. It was the perfect service.

  • Chauncey J.
  • 20Mar 2018

Unusual to find a high quality and cheap man and van service, but Removals to Europe definitely deliver. Our move was so much quicker with their help.

  • P. Martino
  • 26Feb 2018

It seems ludicrous to me that I've never hired movers in the past, especially after the brilliant experience of working with International Movers. They did everything with such professionalism, and worked really hard to get us moved in on a very tight deadline. Thanks for your help!

  • Alek F.
  • 18Jan 2018

I can't fathom having to move again without their removal services. Removals to Europe helped me out the first time, did a great job, and I'm sure they'll do so again.

  • Priscilla F.
  • 08Dec 2017

I was astounded watching their movers get to work. They managed everything with complete and utter ease. The team were polite and courteous too. It was a pleasure having RemovalstoEurope on board for my move.

  • Emilia Anglin
  • 06Nov 2017

Absolutely brilliant moving services from International Movers. When I was moving I had a lot of things that I needed to be transported very carefully because they were valuable and fragile, and the team were absolutely brilliant, and made sure everything was secure and safe, and really reassured me. And they got there in one piece, so I can't say fairer than that.

  • Caleb Wilhelm
  • 18Sep 2017

After hiring International Movers for a low cost, my move was fast and as I expected. I plan always to use these experts.

  • B. Wyman
  • 28Aug 2017

I have never had such a great experience for a low cost after hiring a moving company. The crew at Removals to Europe was amiable and professional. I did not have a problem working with them, and the whole process was smooth and fast.

  • Alysha Caraballo
  • 08Aug 2017

I work really long days and don't have a lot of spare time, so I hired International Movers to help me with moving home. It was an easy decision given their online reviews, and they lived up to their name. Saved me a bunch of time and money, so I'm happy.

  • Jordy Withrow
  • 26Jul 2017

If I was in the market for house moving services so I called Removals to Europe. Their professionals helped me move in no time, and they offered me a great deal on my moving project.

  • Shane Menendez
  • 28Jun 2017

I've used a lot of removal services over the years, and RemovalstoEurope is better than any of them, and they gave me a huge discount on things other services will charge me double for.

  • Felicia Otero
  • 13Jun 2017

This removal company is by far and away the best company I've ever gone with. Their professionalism was outstanding, they went about everything with ease, stuck to the plan, and were available to hire at very reasonable rates too. Moving to Europe is certainly the company for me.

  • T. Flanagan
  • 31May 2017

I managed to get low-cost removal services with International Movers; it was a deal that I just couldn't pass up, and judging by what happened, I'm very glad I didn't.

  • Keelan Conte
  • 15May 2017

With the help of Removals to Europe, my belongings were safe during transportation! We tried them and they proved competent. With the help of movers' expertise and specialist equipment works becomes easier.

  • Rylee Ness
  • 25Apr 2017

International Removals ensured that my belongings were safely handled during my move. Moving home without an expert may look cheaper but it is not. I had terrible experiences with other removal companies in the past; I hired a cheap removal service and costs soon started increasing due to damages and unforeseen charges. However, this company delivered a reliable and cost-effective moving service!

  • Gustavo Black
  • 04Apr 2017

The removal services I have been looking all my life. I talked to a representative from International Removals and they offered me a cost-effective service and I hired them. It is that simple.

  • Carlee Moore
  • 15Mar 2017

I wanted to pack my possessions on my own but when I heard the price RemovalstoEurope offered me I quickly changed my mind. The move was quick and seamless!

  • Reid R.
  • 13Feb 2017

Professional, helpful and friendly movers! Moving to Europe really deliver!

  • Aron S.
  • 24Jan 2017

Hired them for home removals and enjoyed a hassle-free service! International Movers delivers value for money services!

  • Ayden H.
  • 13Dec 2016

I needed help with moving abroad and International Removals helped me go through the process with ease. It was a stress-free and cost-effective move!

  • Zainab W.
  • 21Nov 2016

Flawless service at low cost! International Movers delivered everything to my new home without damages. I had experiences with other removal companies in the past that made me put off hiring movers! Now I know who to hire!

  • Lizet W.
  • 11Nov 2016

Huge thanks to Removals to Europe for the awesome help they were when I needed help with my international removals. They helped me plan, organise, and then carry out everything. It was nigh perfect!

  • Chastity K.
  • 28Oct 2016

Amazing service! They even managed to put things where I wanted them in my new place after the house removal. It was absolutely fantastic work by RemovalstoEurope and the team I hired.

  • Luis Hassan
  • 27Sep 2016

Moving to a new country offers far more complications than just moving across town. I didn't really know how to get started and was looking for some expert help. My friend had made the jump a while back and said that Removals to Europe was the reason it all went by without a hitch. I gave them a call and am pleased to report that I enjoyed a similar experience. They're a knowledgeable team and really went out of their way to address my concerns and put me at ease. A very professional team!

  • T. Cleary
  • 29Aug 2016

I used the man and van hire from Removals to Europe and it was brilliant. There was a good selection of van sizes. The vans were all modern and in good condition. One of the advantages was that the van came with a driver who also loaded and unloaded so everything was guaranteed to arrive safe and sound as it had been professionally loaded. I only had a few large pieces of furniture to move but it all went well and it was a good cost too!

  • Adelaide Maxwell
  • 27Oct 2015

I used International Removals when I moved office and they were great. The company helped sort a perfect move from packing up my equipment to helping with transport to unloading and unpacking. I was impressed with how efficient the workforce was and how fast they dealt with it. The transport was modern and safe and everything was moved safely and installed in our new place really quickly. I couldn't believe how inexpensive the service was and also how well the workers performed the office removal. Thanks.

  • T. Trotter
  • 13Oct 2015

Removals to Europe is the company that I chose for my move which happened last month - they were fantastic! Unlike some other removal companies, they were inexpensively priced, on time and did not require any help with handling boxes or carrying item from me, which was a huge advantage!

  • S. Anderson
  • 02Oct 2015

Initially, I was very wary of using a removal company, but with my working pattern and time restriction I had no other choice. After extensive research I came across Removals to Europe and I am so happy that I did. They were outstanding from the start and I was very impressed with how they handled the entire move. They sorted everything out for me and gave me so much helpful advice regarding my move. The move went without a hitch. I am very happy with the service that I received from this company and I will always highly recommend them.

  • Alli L.
  • 24Sep 2015

A big thank you to everyone at International Removals for your hard work helping me with my move. My friend sounded genuinely excited when he recommended you to me, so I decided to give it a shot not knowing what to expect. It was a lovely surprise to hire someone you get a good feeling about after your first contact them! Watching the team work told me immediately how professional they were, and everyone I talked to was exceptionally friendly and helpful when I needed to know anything. Thanks again!

  • Katherine Judd
  • 03Sep 2015

I'm not usually one to publish my opinions on businesses, but this was a special case. International Removals made my move easier than I ever thought it could be; answering every query I had and taking my personal specifications on board. This great level of customer service wasn't the only great thing; watching them get to work is actually exciting when you notice how solid their teamwork skills are. They got everything packed up quickly and efficiently, and there wasn't a single trace of damage when we were unpacking at our new home. I owe you one!

  • S. Butts
  • 25Aug 2015

I picked the student moving service from International Removals because it seemed like the best fit for my budget - I didn't expect them to be half as good as they were for such a cheap rate! The man and van service was fantastic, with the mover working hard to get me moved in the shortest amount of time possible. Great service, would use again!

  • D. Downing
  • 17Aug 2015

My friends and family recommended Removals to Europe to me when I decided to move to another town. The quote was very reasonable and the staff members were all highly trained, too. They made the move easy for me. The removal guys worked with speed but did take great care of all my items. The whole move only took 3 hours to complete as I had pre-packed all my items. This was a fast and efficient move and I am very satisfied with the service that was provided.

  • I. Moreno
  • 03Aug 2015

Moving to Europe did a great job of my office relocation. They packed the equipment with such care and attention that I felt very happy to leave them to the packing whilst I carried on with managing my business. My staff were happy too with the move as they arrived at the new office with all their work equipment in place and easy to find. It's such a relief how well this went - thanks!

  • Meredith Villalobos
  • 24Jul 2015

I recently relocated overseas and I had been dreading the whole moving process. Because I was moving for work, they gave me a contact name at RemovalstoEurope to get a price from. They not only gave me a great deal but they helped me organise my move and even got involved in the packing. It took the stress out of what could've been a total nightmare! Thanks for a great job guys!

  • Landen Sample
  • 14Jul 2015

Well, I never imagined that moving can be this quick and simple. Most people dread moving but I cannot believe how simple and easy my relocation was recently. My move did not get off to a good start because the sale on my house was delayed, then it fell through and then I sold it again. So the situation was quite stressful already. However I made sure that when I picked the removals company I would pick a company that seemed professional and would make the last part of the move easy and would not cause is any more problems. So I hired Moving to Europe and I'm so glad I did. It is nice to see that there are some great and honest removal companies out there.

  • Juan Brownlee
  • 03Jul 2015

I have a job that means I have to relocate lock, stock and barrel every couple of years. During the years I have used quite a few different removals companies but I have to say International Removals is not only the best but the cheapest I have encountered in all that time.

  • Cinthia Strauss
  • 22Jun 2015

My family relocated to Spain recently and we hired International Movers to relocate us. It was a huge job but they handled it really professionally. They also charged us an exceptional price. It was great to arrive at our new home at the same time as the removal van and kicked off our new life really nicely!

  • Deante S.
  • 12Jun 2015

I had been let down at the last minute by a removals firm and that's why I called RemovalstoEurope. They were able to help at the time I needed them and they quoted me less than I was going to be paying the other company! How's that for service!

  • Diego Catalano
  • 03Jun 2015

I always thought a move abroad would be difficult but International Removals made it simple. Their expert team handled all of the work for me, ensuring that it all went well. They made it safe, fast and convenient, so I was soon living in a new country. There were no problems with the move and I'm sure they can do the same for you.

  • Jaquelyn F.
  • 26May 2015

I have always dreamed of moving to France and this came true last month. I was slowly doing all the work necessary and as I got closer, I knew I needed a moving firm. I looked at many of them, and International Movers stood at the forefront. They offered me so many services, no commitment quotes and full support, so I knew everything would go smoothly. They helped me get all my things overseas and they all arrived safely and together. I am amazed with the job they did and would like to rate them 5/5 for their work.

  • Keyara Feeney
  • 15May 2015

Everyone I speak to who has moved home tells me how stressed out they got on moving day! I feel so lucky that I used International Movers because I had a brilliant experience in comparison. Yes, it's stressful having to move but when you have professionals to help you make things easier, it's a total relief! Not only was it hassle-free but their price was unbeatable! The guys knew what they were doing and didn't stop until the job was done. Not only did I save money, I saved myself a migraine too! I would definitely recommend this removals company to anyone!

  • Benny M.
  • 08May 2015

I've had quite a bad experience with a moving company in the past and had lots of my personal possessions damaged or broken in the process of moving home. The last time I moved, I didn't want the same nightmare and so I took my time to find the best removals company around. International Removals were the only company I called to give me a free consultation and then within minutes, they called me with a really cheap price! The professionalism was obvious from their manner on the phone and so I was confident of a hassle-free move at last! I wasn't wrong either. I would recommend this company to anyone!

  • Remington Sinclair
  • 02May 2015

Home removals are bad, quite simply put, especially when moving abroad. First, I tried doing it on my own (with my husband's help) but I gave up on the second day only. I managed to sort through our things to see what goes to the new place and what goes for recycling and that's about that. Thankfully, my husband called RemovalstoEurope and they took care of the job for us. I know I couldn't have done it without their help. Actually, I didn't have to do much at all after they arrived.

  • M. Camacho
  • 27Apr 2015

Moving out of our family home was not an easy experience; apart from the emotional attachment to that place, getting all that stuff to our city home seemed impossible. We called International Removals and they helped us sort through everything and packed everything so conveniently that it didn't seem difficult at all. However, were it not for their expertise, we wouldn't have been able to get it done on our own.

  • Alondra Gable
  • 15Apr 2015

I hate moving house and always have done, and hiring professional help was definite must for me, especially since this time we were moving over the Channel. I chose Moving to Europe when a friend told me about her good experiences with them, and they didn't let me down. Their help was professional, they had a lot of services and they were experienced too. Great value for money and definitely a service that's worth trying!

  • Francesco Dumas
  • 03Apr 2015

I never thought I'd be living in France but I am thanks to International Movers. I knew I wouldn't be able to complete an entire international move so I felt that I was stuck in the UK. They showed me otherwise because their expert support was what I needed. They assisted me with every part of the move, so I was assured a successful relocation. The job was done in no time and now I'm enjoying myself in my new home in France.

  • Francesca Agee
  • 23Mar 2015

I have to rate Removals to Europe ten out of ten. They were able to complete my international removal for me when I couldn't myself. They packed and shipped my goods so that they arrived at my new address in no time. I would have thought the process was too difficult to go so well, but it did. I am happy I made the call to them.

  • G. Tompkins
  • 13Mar 2015

Moving to Belgium for a new job was exciting and worrying. I wasn't sure I would be able to manage the move, whether it was the paperwork or shifting all my goods across the Channel. I had heard of Moving to Europe from a friend so I called them up to see what they could do for me. I was happy I did because they handled every aspect of the removal, so my goods were safely and quickly transported from my home in London to my new address in Belgium. They went above and beyond to get my international removal complete.

  • Daren Stringer
  • 05Mar 2015

I hired Moving to Europe and received an excellent house moving service. The company was so helpful and friendly. We were dealt with by polite staff who arranged a meeting to supply a quote. The experienced staff did a super job in planning a date to suit us and giving us a brilliant service. The entire event was wonderful and the cost was good too.

  • Derrick Christian
  • 27Feb 2015

I was over the moon with Removals to Europe who moved my home contents recently. They were easy to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. The staff members were very helpful and polite. I was able to have a one to one to discuss the price and what services to use. I opted for the packing as well as the moving service so I could guarantee everything would be protected whilst being transported. Everything was planned extremely efficient. It was a really good removal service.

  • Deven Conner
  • 18Feb 2015

I was pleased with the student moving service I hired to shift my daughter's possessions. As she was moving to France I thought it would be costly but it was very reasonable. RemovalstoEurope were easy to deal with and had some great moving offers. The move went well with no problems. I will certainly use them again in the near future.

  • Rivka Velasco
  • 06Feb 2015

I love working with service providers that are personable and that's precisely what International Removals offered. From the moment I called them and a friendly voice answered, I knew they were the “ones”. I hired them and, to the date, I don't regret it. Their movers are genuinely professional, their customer service is always there and always straight-forward and there's nothing I can complain about.

  • Karina Casper
  • 28Jan 2015

I did not think International Removals was worth the trouble because I noticed that their fee was below the market average. However, a friend recommended them to me so I thought I could hire them for my office removals. They did an amazing job. They actually know what they are doing and, on top of everything, they do it with real pleasure. I will always come back to them if I need them!

  • Nyah G.
  • 22Jan 2015

Believe me when I tell you, even a half-decent removal company can be tough to come by these days. After encountering a cowboy when arranging my house move, I eventually turned to Removals to Europe in a desperate attempt to get things back on track. They eventually did more than that, they turned my move from painful into painless. The team worked day and night in order to make sure everything was done safely and efficiently, all I can say is that the team deserves a load of credit and get a great big thank you from me!

  • M. Wisniewski
  • 27Nov 2014
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